Vmc600 shop Best Selling 3 Axis 4axis 5axis Vertical CNC Milling Machine Center with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

       VMC600 Best Selling 3 Axis 4Axis 5Axis Vertical CNC Milling CZPT Center

Product Application
      This product is X, Y, Z three axis servo direct control of semi closed loop vertical machining center, X, Y, Z axis linear guide rail on the silver, ZheJiang wide, large span, structure and size is compact and reasonable, spindle servo motor through a synchronous belt drive. To achieve a variety of disc type, plate type shell, cam, complicated mould parts can be completed once clamping, drilling, milling, boring, reaming, expansion, and other rigid tapping process, suitable for many varieties of small batch production, to meet the complex, high precision machining parts. Petty four axis of rotation, to meet the processing special requirements of components.

The main specification : 

CNC machining machines for sale message center  VMC600
table size 800X350mm
Max. table load 400kg
T slot qty-width*distance 3-14×100
spindle speed 8000 r p m 
spindle nose to table surface 150-650mm
 Spindle center to Column surface 470mm
Spindle taper BT40 
Main motor CZPT 5.5/7.5kw
Three-axis servo motor CZPT
1.6/1.6/2 kw
Box way ( optional linear guide way )
X axis travel 600mm 
Y axis travel 350mm 
Z axis travel 500mm 
X/Y/Z axis rapid feed  24/24/24m/min 
Cutting feed speed 10m/min 
Automatic tool changer
Tool changer type
Tools capacity 
Umbrella type CZPT -16
Max. tool length 250/350mm
Max.tool(knife) weight 7kg
Tool changing time(tool-to-tool) 5 sec
Positioning accuracy ±0.01
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.005
Net CZPT ght 4500 kg 
Overall Dimension 2700X2450X2700

The machine’s standard accessories

Serial number Name Specifications or markings Quantity
1 Spring chuck handle MAS BT40-ER32-100L 1
2 Spring chuck   1
3 Rivet P40T-1-MAS403 1
4 Hook wrench   1
5 Allen wrenches   1
6 Adjustable horn and bolts   4

The functional parts table

Serial number Name model Origin Quantity
1 Spindle unit BT40 ZheJiang posn 1
2 Pressed cylinder   ZheJiang CZPT 1
3 ATC 16 ZheJiang   okada 1
4 X Ball CZPT s       ZheJiang Hiwin 1
5 y Ball CZPT s   ZheJiang Hiwin 1
6 Z Ball CZPT s       ZheJiang Hiwin 1
7 Screw bearings   china 3
8 guide X, Y,Z all is  ball line     ZheJiang Hiwin 3
9 control system   Knd/gsk 1
10 Three axes Motor and drive    MAXSINE 1
11 Cooling the pump PMY-25-5 china 1
12 Lubrication system Single wire damping ZheJiang Hurun  1
13 Pneumatic system   ZheJiang Airtac 1

X-axis motor   torque 7.7 Nm
Y-axis motor   torque 10 Nm
Z-axis motor   torque 15 Nm
Spindle motor  power 5.5Kw;

The main feature :

1. sliding seat, table, column, the main spindle box based pieces by HT300 cast iron; base, sliding seat are box type structure, symmetrical reinforcement structure is compact and reasonable basis to ensure high rigidity and flexural damping performance; column internal grid reinforcement, effectively ensure the rigidity and precision of Z the shaft with CZPT ful cutting; basic parts with resin sand molding and after aging treatment, the stability of CZPT -term performance for machine tools to provide a guarantee.

2.X, Y, Z to the rail, all of ZheJiang  Hiwin high rigid rolling linear guide, X, Y Z axis Rolling linear, with automatic forced lubrication, the movement friction resistance is extremely small, no low-speed crawl phenomenon, machine tool precision, high life;

3.The Z drives the motor with an electric braking device;

4.X, Y, Z three direction feed by ZheJiang Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. high precision and high strength internal circulating double nut ball screw preloading, the feed rate is high; the motor is driven by the elastic coupling and direct coupling screw, the servo motor directly transmits the CZPT to the high precision ball screw, no backlash, to ensure the positioning accuracy and machine tool synchronous;

5.It adopts ZheJiang high speed, high precision, high rigidity spindle unit. It has strong axial and radial bearing capacity, and the maximum speed can reach 10000rpm;

6.X, Y, Z, three direction guide rail and screw rod adopt full closed protection device, guarantee the cleaning of lead screw and guide rail, ensure the transmission and movement precision and life of machine tools;
7.The outer protection of machine tools is designed with full protection structure, easy to operate, safe and reliable;

8.Areliable centralized automatic lubrication device is used to automatically and intermittently lubricate the lubrication points of machine tools at regular intervals, and the lubrication time can be adjusted according to the working conditions;

9.It adopts 16 tool umbrella type  produced by ZheJiang professional manufacturers. The tool is accurate, efficient, and has been tested in millions of times. It meets the requirements of reliability. The movement of cutter magazine has a damping structure, which can reduce the impact when moving,

Product Details

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A: You can make the inquiry online on Alibaba, or send email to us. It is better if you can tell what is your detailed request information. We will reply to you within 2 hours on work days, and within 24 hours on holiday.
3)Q: How can I choose right machine and how to assure quality?
A: You can choose machine on CZPT website accodring to your request. Or You can let CZPT seller know what is your request specifcation or what is your parts, so let CZPT seller recommend suitable machine to you. We have do trade machine years, and export machine to over 100 countries. We have CE, ISO, SGS and other quality certificate.
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A: warranty is one year, but we will offer lifetime service for machine.