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Product Description


The sensors, particularly those with small measuring ranges, must be mounted carefully. It is important that the drive and measuring ends are not reversed during assembly. The measuring shaft should always be cleaned prior to assembly, to ensure that no foreign objects are sticking to it. It is recommended that the sensor is electrically connected and that the output signal is observed at the time of assembling. Vibrations originating in the equipment should be kept away from the sensor. The sensor should only be mounted on the coupling after the parts have been accurately aligned. This should be done without backlash or lateral forces.


Measurement ranges from

0 … 0.005 Nm to 0 … 5000 Nm

 High accuracy measurement ≤ 0.1 % F.S.

Standardized output signal

Extremely compact design

Manufacturer calibration for right- and/or

left-handed torque (optional)





   Type   Technical parameters
Nominal load range 0-5000Nm
Power supply
Drawing current <100 mA
Zero balance 1.0±% of rated output
Analog output
Input resistance(Rlc) 380±20Ω(ohms)
Output resistance(Ro) 350±5Ω(ohms)
Insulation resistance ≥2000 MΩ(Mege-Ohms)
Class precision
Effect of temperature
Operating temperature
Safe Load Limit
150% FS
Safety margin against breakage
200% FS
Material material (15%)
High performance alloy steel or (chromium ratio>15% stainless steel)
Protection type