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Product Description

ZMH1112 SSEDU CZPT ulic Training Workbench lab equipment  electronic circuit trainer mechatronics training equipment HangZhou

Designations and CZPT nical Data:
–      Set of didactic equipment for the study of basic hydraulics, electro-hydraulics, proportional hydraulics and hydraulic regulation.
– Double-sided mobile workstation allows the assembly and operation of individual components without the use of tools (components equipped with quick assembly system)
The workstation must be equipped with:
–     1x Mobile cart on wheels with dimensions ±10:
·         length 1540mm,
.         height 1760mm
.         minimum depth 770mm
–     1x Double-sided plate for easy fixing of dimensioned components
·         length1080 mm minimum
.         depth 680 mm minimum
– 1x double-sided CZPT panel for inserting electrical components
– 2x Fixed cabinet with at least 3 drawers
– 2x CZPT oil drip tray
– 1x Cable guide
– 1x CZPT holder
Set of equipment for the study of hydraulics and electro-hydraulics
– 1x 4/2-way valve with manual operation and spring return
– 1x Manually operated 4/3-way valve, Y-center
– 1x 4/3 manually operated dispenser, closed center
– 1x Check valve
– 1x Pilot operated check valve
– 1x Direct operated pressure relief valve
– 1x bi-directional flow restrictor
– 1x one-way flow restrictor
– 2x Double acting cylinders piston diameter 25mm, rod diameter 16mm maximum and a stroke of 200mm minimum
– 1x Mounting kit for cylinder
– 1x CZPT ulic motor with torque drainage 60 Nm
– 1x Load weight of 15 kg maximum with mounting adapted to the cylinder delivered assembled in a grid for safety purposes
– 1x hydraulic membrane accumulator with locking diaphragm. 
– 3x Pressure gauge with quick coupling and glycerine bath pressure range 0- 100 bar
– 2x T-distributor with quick coupling
– 1x Shut-off valve
– 2x Module of 3 electrical relays (contacts 3NO-3NC for each relay, coil 24 VDC)
– 1x Module of 3 electric push buttons
– 1x Module of 2 timer relays (2NO-2NC contacts)
– 2x 4/2 monostable electrically driven 4/2 directional control valve (24 VDC coil with excitation indicator light)
– 1x 4/3 spool valve with closed center, electrically controlled (24 VDC coil with excitation indicator light)
– 1x CZPT ctronic pressure switch
– 2x CZPT ctronic proximity switch
Set of accessories
– 10x CZPT with quick couplings, 600 mm
– 6x CZPT with quick couplings, 1000 mm
– 4x CZPT with quick couplings, 1500 mm
– Set of 4 mm safety laboratory cables (red and blue color) consisting of at least 80 cables
– CZPT supply unit for mounting frame 220V AC – 24VDC / 10A maximum short-circuit protected.
Hydraulic CZPT unit
– Control unit with integrated circuit breaker and emergency stop
– Single-phase alternating current motor
– Rated voltage: 230 V/50Hz
– Rated CZPT : 1 kW minimum
– Coupled to 2 double pumps (gear or vane pump)
– Flow rate of each pump: 3.5 l/min minimum
– Pressure 50 bar minimum
– Tank capacity 40 Liter minimum with return channel filter.

III.Experiment list
Basic pneumatic
1) function demonstration experiment of common pneumatic components;
2) common pneumatic circuit demonstration experiment:
3) the commutation circuit of the single-acting cylinder
4)The reverse circuit of the double acting cylinder
5) the speed regulation loop of single-acting cylinder (one-way, two-way)
The speed regulating circuit of inlet speed of double acting cylinder
7) the speed regulating circuit of the speed adjustment of the two acting cylinder
8) speed switching circuit
9) the buffer circuit of parallel throttle valve is adopted
10) interlocking loop
11) overload protection loop
12) unloading loop
13) single cylinder continuous reciprocating control loop
14) two – cylinder continuous reciprocating control loop
15) use the cylinder sequence of the stroke valve
16) double cylinder sequence action loop with electrical switch (magnetic switch, proximity switch)
17) multi-cylinder sequential action loop
18) two – cylinder synchronous motor loop
19) CZPT ary pressure control circuit
20) high and low voltage conversion circuit
21)Counting loop
22) delay loop
23) the hand operating circuit
24) the application circuit of the valve
25) or the application circuit of the door – type shuttle valve
26) quick exhaust valve application circuit

Electro pneumatic with PLC
1) PLC instruction programming, trapezoidal programming learning
2) the learning and use of PLC programming software(we supply free edition(free editon) software with unlimited users)
3) PLC and computing communication, online debugging
4) control experiment of PLC and pneumatic combination
Basic pneumatic components for each bench :
– 2 switch buttons 3/2, normally closed
– 1 switch button  3/2, normally open
– pressure indicator with 2 colors
– manual selector 5/2
– push-pull button 3/2 normally closed
– roller operated valve 3/2  normally closed
– 2 proximity sensors, pneumatic fixed on the actuator
– 2 pneumatic temporizers, normally closed
– sequence valve
– unilateral 3/2 distributor, with pneumatic command
– unilateral 5/2 distributor with pneumatic command
– bi-lateral 5/2 bi-stable distributor, with pneumatic command
– OR logic function
– & logic function
– CZPT evacuating valve
– 2 unidirectional flow limiters
– simple effect actuator
– double effect actuator
– pressure filter-regulator with pressure supply distributor
– pressure regulator with manometer
– 2 manometers
– air cross connect
– 2 plastic hoses
– pneumatic motor
– pneumatic sequencer

Basic electro-pneumatic components for each bench:
– electric buttons module
– electric relays module
– temporized relays module
– electronic pre-selection counter module
– emergency stop button
– inductive proximity sensor
– capacitive  proximity sensor
– distributor terminal
-swing  check valve
– electro-distributor with LED
– manometer
– pressure supply distributor with filter pressure reducer
Pneumatic regulation components:
– electric buttons module
– push button normally closed
– proportional electro-distributor (5/3, …)
– electro-distributor with LED (5/3 normally closed, 3/2 normally closed, …)
– monometer
– unidirectional flow limiter
– pressure supply distributor with filter pressure reducer
– air cross connect
– plastic hoses
– linear actuator, with guidance and all necessary accessories
– PID regulator
– comparison card
– analog pressure sensor
– pneumatic capacitors
– status regulator
– all necessary accessories for pneumatic regulation (potentiometer, damper, weight, …)
PLC equipped at least by:
– 24 VDC CZPT supply
– Processor: 192 k bytes or better, memory 512 K bytes or better
– network interfacing (Profinet, Ethernet, USB, …)
– 16 digital inputs 24 VCC, potential separation LED light indication
– 16 digital outputs 24 VCC, 0.5A with galvanic separation and protection against short circuit
– 2 analog inputs
– 2 analog outputs

Supplied with CZPT S7-314CPLC:
– multi-users software teaching edition PLC programming including different languages(we supply free edition(free editon) software with unlimited users)
– connection PC-PLC
– spare parts set
– accessories set:
  . electrical wires
  . plastic hoses
  . hoses connecting tools
  . spare parts of first use
– practice activities manual book
– instruction book for the teacher including solutions for the practice activities
– silent CZPT with 30L, 8 bars minimum
– multi-users software for pneumatic and electromagnetic circuit simulation.

Product Details and Warranty
We supply suitable spare pats according to experiment requirement, CZPT products take aluminum structure, A4 paper dimension aluminum and plastic hanging box structure.

We supply 3 years warranty time. Please se photo for foreign sales department and photo for spare parts.

Packaging & Delivery

Package details: plastic film+ plastic foam + plywood box with pallet, and for equipment dimension less than 1CBM, we supply plastic film+ plastic foam+ fine carton.

Arrange delivery within 45 days upon receipt of payment.

Please see below photo for detailed package.

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