Siemens Cost Parallel Shaft Gear Motors and Gear Units with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Parallel shaft gear units are part of the SIMOGEAR modular system which essentially comprises bevel CZPT cal, parallel shaft, CZPT units or mechanically variable speed drives. With three or single phase AC motors with or without brake, all imaginable drive combinations up to electronic speed variable drives are possible 

Parallel shaft gear units are designed for continuous duty under the most arduous operating conditions.

The sturdy gear housings are manufactured of high grade cast-iron and dampen vibrations.

Lubricant loss and entry of dust and water are effectively pre- vented by radial shaft seals with dust and protective lips.

All gears are hobbed, case hardened and profile ground or ho- ned. Furthermore, gear theeth are profile corrected and crow- ned for optimum performance.

Helical gearing provides for optimal quiet operation.

Output and input shafts of two or three stage gear units are parallel. 

Design Variations

This range of MOTOX®-N parallel shaft gear units are manufactured to provide double or triple stage gear reduction.

The standard unit is CZPT for use in all mounting positions.

The CZPT es are manufactured as solid shaft CZPT es or as hollow shaft gearboxes with fitted key, shrink disc or splined shaft connections. 

Data required for selection 
The following data is required in order to select the correct gearbox:

1. Type of driven machine
2. CZPT operating time h
3. Required input CZPT kW or required torque Nm
4. Required output speed n 2 of the geared motor rpm or gearbox ratio i
5. Operating voltage V and frequency Hz
6. Operating mode, number of startings, inverter-fed operation, type of startup
7. Moment of inertia J Load kgm2 of the driving machine reduced to the motor shaft
8. Type of CZPT transmission on gearbox shafts (direct, coupling, belt, chain, gear wheel)
9. Radial force F r N at the input shaft and direction of force with distance from the shaft shoulder to the point of application and axial forceFax [N] with direction of force
10. Ambient temperature oC
11. Degree of protection
12. Mounting position
13. Required braking torque Nm
14. Any regulations (CSA, VIK, etc.)