PU Custom Coupling, Mt Coupling, Gr Coupling for All Kinds of Type Coupling with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

PU CZPT , Mt CZPT , Gr CZPT for All Kinds of Type CZPT

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Inner by polybag, and outer by carton. 
Or as CZPT CZPT er’s request.
Delivery Detail: 10days

1. Name: polyurethane MT coupling parts 
2. Material:TPU 
3. Size: MT1-13
4. Used for MT shaft coupling, excellent durabilit
 Rubber coupling parts
1. Used in the MT type coupling. 
2. Sizes :  MT1-13
3. Color: Yellow
4. Material: TPU
5. Superior quality .
6. Excellent durability.
7. Competitive price
Operating conditions
1.Temperature: -40-+100  centigrade
2.Torque: 22.4-2500NM
3.Hardness: 90-98 shore A
This standard is suitable to large equipment and mechanical cushioning effect to joint of transmission shaft.


Size     Material D d H       Lemella qty
MT1 Polyurethane 48 19 12 4
MT2 Polyurethane 68 28 18 6
MT3 Polyurethane 82 34 18 6
MT4 Polyurethane 100 42 20 6
MT5 Polyurethane 122 52 25 6
MT6 Polyurethane 140 64 30 6
MT7 Polyurethane 166 90 30 8
MT8 Polyurethane 196 100 35 8
MT9 Polyurethane 225 115 35 10
MT10 Polyurethane 255 140 45 10
MT11 Polyurethane 295 170 50 10
MT12 Polyurethane 356 215 55 12
MT13 Polyurethane 391 250 55 12

Physical character: made by injection with high quality polyester or mould CSM/SBR. It is designing and special for all kinds of metal shaft coupling with very good performance of high tensile strength, high wear resistant, high elastic resilience, water resistant, oil resistant and excellent fatigue resilience, high impact resistant etc. We have full sets moulds and supply full range of GR, GS, MT, Hb, HRC, L, NM and Gear J series couplings with high quality and excellent experience. Apply to all kinds of industrial metal shaft coupling.

material: polyester, CSM/SBR
color: yellow, red, purple, CZPT , black etc.
surface: smooth
tensile strength: 12-55Mpa
hardness: 80-98Shore A
elongation: 400%-650%
density: 1.25g/cm3
elasticity impact: >25%
tear strength: 35-155KN/m
akron abrasion loss: <0.05cm3/1.61km
compression set (22h*70oC): <10%
working temperature: 120oC
standard size for polyurethane coupling: 
GR14, GR19, GR24, GR28, GR38, GR42, GR48, GR55, GR65, GR75, GR90, GR100, GR110, GR125, GR140, GR160, GR180
MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4, MT5, MT6, MT7, MT8, MT9, MT10, MT11, MT12, MT13
HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280
L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/95, L99/100, L110, L150, L190, L225, L276
FALK-R 10R, 20R, 30R, 40R, 50R, 60R, 70R, 80R
standard size for rubber coupling:
Hb80, Hb95, Hb110, Hb125, Hb140, Hb160, Hb180, Hb200, Hb240, Hb280, Hb315
HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280
L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/95, L99/100, L110, L150, L190, L225
NM50, NM67, NM82, NM97, NM112, NM128, NM148, NM168, NM194, NM214, NM240, NM265
Gear 3J, 4J, 5J, 6J, 7J, 8J, 9J, 10J, 11J
special size build molding according to the buyer’s drawings
***when you enquiry, pls confirm product’s number and quantity***