Polyurethane near me Cushion Elastic Plum Blossom Pad Coupler Gasket with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Product Description

PU Size  

GR90 or according to CZPT CZPT er’s requirements




Red or according to CZPT CZPT er


  1.Good sealing and damping.
   2.Water resistance.
   6.Pressure resistant.
   7.High and low temperature resistant.




T/T or L/C or CZPT ern union 

Sample lead time

  5 days usually 

Delivery time

15 Working Days 

Plum pad

Plum blossom mat, full name plum-shaped elastic coupling cushion. It is used for cushioning of CZPT heavy machinery coupling shafts. Some areas are also known as plum blossom plates. According to the material, it can be divided into polyurethane plum mat and rubber plum mat, nylon plum mat.

Plum pad classification

Plum blossom mat is divided into MT type plum blossom mat, T-shaped hexagonal mat, GR star plum blossom mat, HRC hexagonal mat, NM type elastic ring, L-shaped hexagonal pad, NL nylon inner tooth sleeve, H-type elastic block, rubber gear, etc. 

Plum pad characteristics

The plum blossom pad is used for damping, insulation and buffer transmission torque in the middle of the coupling. The torque transmitted by the plum blossom pads of different materials and different hardness is also different. The higher the hardness, the greater the torque transmitted