Nir supplier Molded Glass Aspheric Lenses/Nir Molded Aspheric Lens/Molded Glass Aspheric Lens with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

General Introduction: Raytek’s 600-1050 nm antireflective silicon word and c-laser molded glass aspheric lens is an economical choice for collimating or focusing light at high magnification. They are made of low dispersion materials and are suitable for fiber coupling, laser diode collimation and laser scHangZhou.
These Raytek lenses are made of Corning c 0571 glass and have low dispersion (VD = 50.40). Typical applications include fiber coupling, laser diode, medical laser, optical data storage and bar code scanner.

Products Name: NIR Molded CZPT Aspheric Lenses
Alias: NIR Molded CZPT Aspheric Lenses, NIR CZPT Aspheric Lens, NIR Fused Silicon Aspheric Lens, Near-IR Molded CZPT Aspheric Lens, Near-IR CZPT Aspheric Lens, Near-IR Aspheric Lens,etc

Products CZPT lights:
1).Near infrared light enhancement film of 600-1050 NM
2).Aspheric surface can reduce spherical aberration
3).The economic choice of collimating or focusing light
4).Visible or near infrared antireflection film
5).The numerical aperture is 0.15 to 0.68
6).High precision & high surface roughness;
7).Sizes can be CZPT ized as per the CZPT ers’ request
8).Quick lead time and delivery time.
9).Matching super optics CZPT and processing capacity, including CZPT ing, CNC machining, Polishing, Particle beam processing, CZPT ic flux conversion processing, Grinding, Coating, CZPT weighting, CZPT Shaping, Counterbores, Drilling & Coring, Edge & Bevel Polishing,3D Contouring, Bevels & Chamfers, Steps & Slots, CZPT Cutting & Marking, Metrology & Inspection, CZPT Pitch Polishing, Double-Sided Polishing, Optical Assembly, Measuring, etc.
10).Excellent post-sale quality warranty, with “3R”-return, replace & refund policy

Main CZPT Specification:

Universal Optical Character CZPT Data  
Optical Lens Type: Molded CZPT Aspheric Lenses
Lens Substrate: Molded glass(Molded Fused Silicon glass)
Corning C 0571
or CZPT as per the demand of CZPT ers
Surface Quality: 40-20 scratch-dig
Or CZPT manufacturing as per demand
Coating Type: NIR Type A
AR Coating
Or CZPT manufacturing as per demand
Antireflection Coating Wavelength: 600-1050nm
Or CZPT manufacturing as per demand
Size/Specification CZPT Data  
Dia. 2.0 mm
3.0 mm
4.0 mm
4.7 mm
5.42 mm
6.35 mm
6.3 mm
6.5 mm
6.8 mm
7.2 mm
9.0 mm
9.9 mm
12.0 mm
15.0 mm
20.0 mm
24.0 mm
25.0 mm
30.0 mm
32.5 mm
35.0 mm
40.0 mm
45.0 mm
50.0 mm
75.0 mm
or CZPT manufacturing as per demand
Effective Focal Length(EFL): 2.00 mm
2.72 mm
2.75 mm
2.80 mm
2.95 mm
2.97 mm
or CZPT manufacturing as per demand
Other Available Coating Workcraft: Uncoated
350-700 nm
400-700 nm
430-700 nm
600-1050 nm
650-1000 nm
Or CZPT manufacturing as per demand
Other Available Lens Substrates: Molded glass
Fused silicon glass
Corning C 0571
L-BAL 35 (589/611)48

Main Cooperation CZPT CZPT rs:
Main Export Countries & Areas: Usa, Uk, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, Swiss, Korea, Russia, Pakistan, India, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arab, Turkey, Finland, Poland ,etc.

Raytekoptics Extra value added services offered:
1). Optical workcraft & process solution design;
2). Rough processing raw materials;
3). Semi finishing raw materials;
4). Fabricate CZPT sizes and shapes;
5). Design and supply CZPT coatings;
6). Modify and resurface CZPT er supplied materials;
7). Drill holes, notch glass and provide beveled substrates;
8). CZPT polish optics with CZPT -standard aspect ratios;

Payment Method: by T/T or CZPT ern CZPT .
Delivery time: 7-10 days.
Quality Warranty: CZPT taiphotoelectric(Raytekoptics) offers quality warranty for CZPT optics products with “3R” policy. For any inferior-quality products, CZPT taiphotoelectric(Raytekoptics) is responsible for return, replacement and refund.