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Product Description

LiTaO3 crystal belongs to 3m crystal system. The transverse electro-optic modulation of the crystal can be used to measure the electric field. LiTaO3 has excellent electro-optic properties, it has higher electro-optic coefficient than LiNbO3, higher optical damage threshold, lower birefringence, wide transmission band, and high light transmittance. The crystals produced by different crystal growth methods have different optical damage thresholds, the LiTaO3 crystal prepared by top-seeded solution method is one order of magnitude higher than that of the same component crystal. As an electro-optical crystal for measuring an electric field, LiTaO3 is widely used because of its large electro-optic coefficient, which makes it highly CZPT tive in measurement ,and the wafer fabrication cost is low.


Physical and CZPT Properties

Point group C3v-3m
Refractive index at 632.8nm n0=2.176
Transparent Range 0.4-5.0μm
Orientation X,Z,36°Y,42°Y,128°Y
Melting point 1650ºC
Density 7.45g/cm3
Mohs hardness 5.5
Thermal expansion coefficient aa=16×10-6/K, ac=4×10-6/K
Specific heat 0.06J/(kg•°C)
Cell Parameters a=5.154Å,c=13.781Å
Curie Temperature 605ºC
Elastic Stiffness Coefficient CE11=2.33(×1011N/m2)
Electro-optical [email protected]μm γS13=7×10-12m/V
Heat Capacity (Cp) 100 J / k.mol

Typical Optical Properties

Electro-Optic Coefficients r(10-12 mV-1) at 632.8 nm

rT13 8.4 rS13 7
rT22 rS22 1
rT33 30.5 rS33 30.3
rT51 rS51 20

 Nonlinear Optical Coefficients at 1-06 μ m (*d31=d15

d22 / l d36KDP l 4.4
d31 / l d36KDP l -2.7
d33 / l d36KDP l -4.1

 Refractive Index at 632.8 nm

no 2.1787
ne 2.1821
no: TE mode    ne: TM mode

Typical Acoustic Properties

Surface Acoustic Wave Properties

Description Propagation Design Surface Wave Velocity (m/s) Coupling Coefficient k² (%) Group Delay Time Temp Coefficient (ppm/°C)
36 ° Y – Cut X – Axis SSBW 4160 5 28 ~ 32
42° Y – Cut X – Axis SSBW 4571 7.6 40
X – Cut 112.2 Y Direction SAW 3290 0.75 18
SAW = Surface Acoustic Wave    L, SAW =Leaky SAW

 Selective Piezoelectric CZPT Factors & Frequency Constants

Plate CZPT ation Wave Type Coupling Factor Resonance Frequency Constant (MHz-mm)
X S 0.44 1.906
Z E 0.19 3.04
36° Y – Cut QE
163° Y – Cut QS
E = extensional   S = shear   QE = quasi – extensional   QS = quasi – shear

Piezoelectric Property

Elastic stiffness coefficient
c11 c12 c13 c14 c33 c44
22.8 3.1 7.4 -1.2 27.1 9.6
piezoelectric strain constant
d15 d22 d31 d33    
2.6 0.85 -0.3 0.92    
dielectric constant εT110 εT110        
53 44        
Electromechanical coupling coefficient kij(%) k15 k31        
50 50