HVAC near me System 230V 6nm 0-10V Modulating Damper Actuator with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

HangZhou CZPT Win CZPT system 6Nm 230V 0-10V modulating electric damper actuator

This air damper actuator is special designed for small and medium-sized air damper as well as for terminal control unit of air volume system. It is usually used in somewhere space limited because of its small size and flexible control.

  1. Operation must by professional personnel
  2. Check the voltage and control method first to avoid the actuator damage for wrong connection, forbid CZPT on making connection, Short circuit between line and line also will make actuator disintegration 
  3. When many actuators work in parallel, the same color wire must connect in parallel on a same CZPT wire, or actuators will burnout
  4. When change any actuators rotate direction in parallel work actuators, should operate on the Profile reversing switch, forbid to realize it though the Switch opening and turning off the connection 
  5. If have any doubt on the wire connection or installation forbid to trail run with CZPT on, must be consultant with the manufacture to confirm all fine

Technical data:

Type LM24/230A-SR-6 NM24/230A-SR-10
Torque 6Nm 10Nm


Air damper area 1m2 2m2


Motor Run time 30…150S
Nominal voltage AC230V  AC/DC24V  50/60Hz    
Operation CZPT 5VA
Standstill CZPT 1-2VA    
Weight 0.8~1.2KGS                     
Control signal DC0(2)…10V  DC0(4)…20mA
Feedback signal DC0(2)…10V 
Rotate angle Max 95º
Noise max 40dB(A)
Protection class IP54
Allowance Factor 10%
Overload CZPT Automatic
Universal coupling 5-11mm(squ)       Φ10-Φ16mm(cir)
Ambient conditions -10-+55ºC  0-99%Rh

Change the rotate direction
the switch on the side shell, pull it can change the rotate direction 
Change the control signal(for NM type) 
The actuators default control type is 0~10V, if want to change as following method:
A,2~10V control method: turn on the dip switch 2( default is off position);
B,0~20mA control method: turn on the dip switch 1(default is off position);
C,4~20mA control method: turn on the dip switch 1 and 2 both

Wiring diagram

Mounting Instruction

HangZhou CZPT Win Actuators CZPT Co.,LTD 
1. What’s the.Product Warranty? 
5 years or 50,000cycle life;

2.How CZPT is the Delivery? 
regular in 25days, per the actual quantity;

3. What’s the contact?

4. MOQ &OEM?
no MOQ requirement, the label can be made per your requirement

5. How CZPT you manufacture the damper actuator?
since the year 2013, selling the damper actuators can go around the earth one cycle