Hoses price Lines Protection Easy Loom Split Wire Sleeve with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

This self-wrapped sleeve consists of flexible, flame-retardant woven polyester that meet RoHS stantard. It possesses good flexibility, fire resistance, abrasive resistance and thermal insulation performance. The sleeving owns smooth surface, bright color, CZPT patterns.
Does not trap heat or humidity Rot-free Self-fitting over many shapes and sizes Self-extinguishing when used to encase CZPT , Halogen Free, typical CZPT -flammable wires or cables Fray resistant
Most commonly used on wire harnesses, cable assemblies, flat ribbon cables, tubes and hoses to provide a tough, durable protection in automotive, automatic equipment, railways and panel boards.

Part Number Description Max. bundle Dia Packing
SPET-3 5mm ID 6mm 100m/rool
SPET-6 8mm ID 9mm 100m/rool
SPET-8 10mm ID 11mm 100m/rool
SPET-10 13mm ID 14mm 50m/rool
SPET-12 16mm ID 17mm 50m/rool
SPET-14 19mm ID 20mm 25m/rool
SPET-16 25mm ID 27mm 25m/rool
SPET-19 29mm ID 31mm 25m/rool
SPET-25 32mm ID 34mm 25m/rool
SPET-32 38mm ID 40mm 25m/rool
SPET-38 50mm ID 52mm 25m/rool