Flexible best Coupling with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Flexible CZPT is widely used for its compact designing, easy installation, convenient maintenance, small size and light weight. As CZPT as the relative displacement between shafts is kept within the specified tolerance, CZPT s will operate the best function and have a CZPT er working life. Thus it is greatly demanded in medium and minor CZPT transmission systems driven by moters, such as speed reducers, hoists, compressos, conveyers, spinning and weaving machinery and ball mills.

1. Applicable to all types of machinery and hydraulics.
2. Small volume and large transmitted torque.
3. To be plugged in axially, easy assembly, maintenance-free.
4. Balancing axiad, radial and angular misalignment.
5. Dimensions of bore d, d1 CZPT on CZPT er request.
6. Applicable from -40 to +100, temperature peaks up to 120.
7. Permittable relative displacement:
8. Radial displacement: 0.2~0.6mm
9. CZPT le displacement: 0.30~1.30

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