Effective near me 980nm Portable Spider Vein Removal/ Vascular Removal Beauty Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Effective 980nm Portable Spider Vein Removal/ Vascular Removal CZPT CZPT


Hot selling 980nm Diode CZPT Spider Vein Removal CZPT Vascular Remover vein removal

Brief Introduction:
The latest Redless Diode 980nm CZPT Therapy System is able to focus laser beams on a scope of 0.2mm diameters by adopting 980nm diode laser combined with fiber coupling output technique. The system has intelligent control system and precise aiming beam. Therefore, the accurate laser energy can be safely and effectively acted on treatment areas for the best curative results.

980nm diode laser is one latest technology which is safe and effective treatment for unwanted veins and rosacea . 980 nm diode laser selectively target problem veins while sparing surrounding areas. Spider veins are smaller then varicose veins . They appear to be red, purple, and blue vessels. They are easily visible through the skin . Spider veins are most often seen on the legs and face.

Product Advantages:
1. 980nm laser optical fiber coupling output technique
2. Small and exquisite handpiece for precise operation
3.Portable and simple to operate
4. Non-contact, CZPT -invasive, no need of special care
5. Quick treatment with outstanding curative effects
6.Clinical Indications
7. Facial vascular
8. Angiotelectasis

1. Couperose skin treatment.
 2. Remove Skin protrusions, milia, warts, fat granule
 3. Remove speckle, age spots, sunburn, pigmentation
 4. Vascular veins removal, blood vessels treatment
 5. Telangiectasias and cherry angioma treatment on face, arms, legs and the whole body


Technology Specification:

Laser Type

Diode laser



Laser mode



16W CZPT or 10W CZPT


0.1-11.4J or 0.1-6.5J

Pulse Width


Pulse Frequency


Spot Size


Beam Delivery

Fiber of 200um, SMA 905 connector

LCD Screen

8 inch


100-240VAC, 50-60HZ, 200VA


325mm x 470mm x 230mm (L x W x H)

Net weight


1. high frequency
2. fast and comfortable
3. not affect normal life and work
4. not rebound
Postoperative care
1.No water before scab off
2.Prohibitting scratch till scab off automatically
3.Avoide direct sunlight.do not eat spicy food and sea food.
4.Use the repair stoste or freeze-dried powder with EGF after the operation,the best one is repair stoste and do not use cream which is not easy to be absorbed,.everyday daub 4-5 times after operation.,and 2-3times after scab,,because the metabolic capacity for everyone is different,so there are some people need 15-30 days to metabolize the redness abosolutely,and there are some people need 90 days to do it,after the metabolization ,the redness will be disappear abosolutely.