CWDM factory Dfb 1610 Nm Laser Diode for Analog Transmission Modules for Sonet/SDH/ATM Equipment Interconnect with ISO 9001 and RoHS Report with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Coaxial Fiber-Pigtailed Bosa CZPT Modules T1610nm R1550nm Bosa for FTTH/G-Pon


  • 1610nm DFB LD
  • InGaAs PIN- TIA Receiver With a 1550 WDM CZPT integrated

    for single fiber bi-directional transmission

  • Cross Talk 35dB
  • Connector Type: LC, SC,ST,FC, Pigtail  etc.
  • High Output CZPT , CZPT CZPT tivity
  • RoHS compliant

 For SONET/SDH/ATM equipment interconnect

Absolute maximum ratings

Parameter Ratings Unit Conditions
Storage Temperature -40~+85 ºC TSTG
Operating Case Temperature -40~+85 ºC TOP
Forward Current(LD) 150 mA If(LD)
Forward Voltage(LD) 2 V Vf(LD)
Reverse Current (PD) 2 mA Ir(PD)
Reverse Voltage (PD) 15 V Vr(PD)
Soldering Temperature (<10sec.) 260 ºC Stemp

Optical & Electrical Characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Condition
Threshold Current Ith   10 15 mA CW
Optical Output CZPT Pf 100   400 μW CW, If=Ith+20mA, kink free
Operating Voltage Vf   1.2 1.5 V CW
Central Wavelength λc 1290 1310 1330 nm CW
Spectral Width Δλ   1 3 nm CW
Rise Time tr     <100 ps Ib=Ith, 20~80%
Fall Time tf     <150 ps Ib=Ith, 80~20%
PD Monitor Current Im 100   900 μA CW, Vr(PD)=5V
Series resistor Rs     12 Ohm  
PD capacitor Ct   6 15 pF Vr(PD)=5V,f=1MHz
Tracking Error TE -1.5   1.5 dB Im = const
 (@ Po = 0.2mW, Tc = 25°C)
Tc = −40 to +85°C


Parameter Symbol Min. Typ.  Max. Unit Test Condition
Dark Current Id 0.2 0.5  nA 2V
Responsivity R   0.90 0.95 A/W λ=1550 nm
Frequency Bandwidth Bw 1   2000 MHz  
Capacitance Ct 0.6 0.8 Pf
Response Time Tr 0.1   ns