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Product Description

Computer Control Material Wire Torsion Tester Torsion Testing CZPT



The computer-controlled torsion testing machine is composed of a loading system, a transmission system, a digital data acquisition and processing system, and a computer measurement and control display system. It is suitable for metal materials, CZPT -metal materials and CZPT parts such as shafts, couplings, springs, etc. Performance test of static torsion mechanics of gears, bimetal materials, and joints. The machine adopts horizontal structure, computer control and screen display, FTS precision inspection and test system, and full digital AC control system. It has the characteristics of uniform loading, stability, no impact, and accurate data acquisition and control.

The function:

WindowsXP Chinese operating platform can detect the torque, torsion angle, and torsion strength of materials. Using a window operating system with graphics as the interface, the display screen and operation panel can be set; the test speed and CZPT control parameters can be set; the basic test results can be displayed in real time; the graphics of CZPT related parameters of the test process can be displayed in real time; Realize system diagnosis and display the diagnosis result.
This testing machine complies with the relevant data processing requirements of JB/T9370-2007 “Technical Conditions for Torsion Testing CZPT s” and GB10128-2007 “Metallic CZPT Room Temperature Torsion Testing Methods”.
Users can also provide relevant technical standards, and realize the control of test methods and related data collection and processing in accordance with the standards provided by users, such as GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, EN, etc.


Max Torque 1000Nm
Test machine accuracy Level 1
Torque effective measurement range 1%-100%FS of full scale
Minimum read value of torque 0.01nm
Test torque resolution 1/±300000
Torque indication relative error ≤±1.0% (two directions: forward rotation and reverse)
Torque repeatability relative error ≤1.0% (two directions: forward rotation and reverse)
Angle measurement range 0-10000°
Relative error of CZPT le indication ≤±1.0% (two directions: forward rotation and reverse)
Deviation of Torque CZPT le ≤±1%
Min. Resolution of Torque CZPT le 0.01°
Minimum read value of CZPT le 0.01°
Distance between grips 0~500mm    Adjustable
Max diameter of  the Sample φ150mm 
Torque CZPT 0-720° stepless speed regulation
Relative error of torsional velocity indication ≤±1% (two directions: positive rotation and reverse)
Torsional velocity indicates repeatability error ≤1.0%
Machine size 1200*500*1500mm.
Test Direction Double directions
Power 220VAC±10%,50Hz (Optional),1000W
Control computer Servo closed Loop Control
Overload CZPT Yes
Weight 790kg


Digital display material torsion testing machine is designed for conducting torsion and twist tests on various metal wires, tubes and steel materials. Torque measurement is by torque transducer while angle of twist is measured by photoelectrical coder.Torque range can be adjusted and torque is applied to specimen by servo motor and cycloid speed reducer.

This tester is mainly applied in the research department, all kinds of institutions and industrial and mining enterprises material experiment of various materials used for measuring the mechanical properties by torsion.


  1. The torsion tester has two rotation directions and two rotation speeds to choose according to different test requirement.
  2. There are 8 modes to choose:

1) Turn left to break;
2) After turning m turns left, turn n turns right;
3) After turning left for m circles, stop;
4) After turning left for m circles, turn right to break;
5) Turn right to break;
6) After turning right for m turns, turn left for n turns;
7) After turning right for m circles, stop;
8) After turning right for m circles, turn left to break;

  1. Display Cycles: 0-999999.
  2. The length of the wire can be clamped from 0 to 300mm;
  3. The number of test cycles is displayed on the liquid crystal. The test cycles is automatically saved after the wire is broken.
  4. Has lever-weight loading fixture, can produce a tensile force not exceed 2% to make wire straight during test.

Packing & CZPT
1.Strong standard wood case, inner plastic films wrapped for ECT Edge Crush Tester   
2. Usually we delivery the equipment by air,by sea or by express. it depends on CZPT er Company Advantage
Ø 24 hours online
Ø 35 years experiences
Ø Sample chamber of each model
Ø Best price, fast delivery
Ø Oversea offices
Ø Own import and export business license
Ø Installation
Ø Training (Training CZPT er employees)
Ø Calibration
Ø Preventative maintenance
Ø Replacement parts
Ø Assistance via phone or internet
Ø On-site diagnosis and repair/online diagnosis and repair


1. How to choose the most suitable fitness equipment steel tensile testing machine?
 Our professional team will give you the best suggestion as long as you tell us what kind of test you need to do 
 and the required specification.
2. What’s the delivery term?
 At most of time, we have stock in the factory. If there is no stock, normally, the delivery time is 15-20 working 
 days after deposit receipt. If you are in urgent need, we can consider making special arrangement for you.
3. Do you accept customization service?
 Yes, of course, we can not only offer standard machines, but also customized machines according to your 
 request. Don’t hesitate to tell us your requirement, we will try our best to meet your needs.
4. Can we visit your factory before order?
 Yes, we warmly welcome and sincerely invite you or your team to visit our factory, we will help to arrange 
 hotel and pick up you from airport.
5. Do you have customers of our country before?
 Now our testing machines have been sold to more than 26 countries, like USA, Canada, Russia,UK, Italy, 
 Germany, European Union, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Iran, Brazil…and so 
6. How about your warranty?
 Generally, our warranty is one year. Within the warranty period, we can offer technique support and part parts 
 change, necessarily, our engineers may go to your place for better service.
7. How about the packing for machine, is it safely protected during transportation?
 Our machine is packed by standard export wooden box, it won’t be damaged. We’ve delivered many testing 
 machines abroad by sea or by air without damage.
8. What is the order process?
 Inquiry – quotation – communication – order confirming – deposit payment – production – testing and debugging 
 – balance payment – packing – delivery – customer receiving – after service. 
9. How to install and use the product?
 The product is shipped with an operating instructions and video of English version.

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