Cell Cheap Counting Kit-8 Cck-8 Kit Cell Proliferation Detector with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Cell Counting Kit-8, referred to as a CCK-8 (or CCK8) kit, is a rapid use of cell proliferation and cytotoxicity, high CZPT tivity test kit.
The detection principle is that in the case where the electron coupling reagent is present, the WST-8 compound in the detecting agent is reduced by the living cell dehydrogenase to have a water-soluble orange-yellow tetra compound, which is the maximum absorption at 450 nm. peak.
The amount of formazan and the live cells is proportional, the more the cell proliferation, the deeper the color; the larger the cell toxicity, the color is even. For the same cells, the depth of the color and the number of cells are linear. In this kit, WST-8 has no obvious toxicity, which can be used for exogenous cytokines such as cell proliferation detection, and drug-induced cytotoxicity detection of cellular toxic reagents, or some drug-induced cell growth inhibition, Is an upgraded version of the MTT detection method.
This kit is convenient, no need to formulate or dilute, no need to collect or wash cells, no need to dissolve the formazan compound, and apply it to the wall and suspension cells. And penol red and serum have no significant effect on the assay of this rejection.

Storage and Transportation
Ice bag (Wet ICE) transport and protected from light, 4 ° C for 12 months; or -20 ° C preservation, 24 months effective.


1. Cell processing: Cells are seeded at an appropriate density. If adherent cells are attached, they need to be well attached. Adding drugs, transfection and other treatments according to experimental needs;

2. Color development: add reagents at the ratio of 10 μL of CCK-8 solution to every 100 μL of cell culture medium, and incubate for 2 h in the cell culture incubator;

3. Detection: Measure the absorbance at 450 nm wavelength in a microplate reader.


1. The detection principle of this kit relies on the reaction catalyzed by dehydrogenase. If there are more reducing agents (such as some antioxidants) in the sample that will interfere with the detection, try to remove them.

2. Avoid air bubbles when adding test reagents, otherwise it will interfere with the test results.

3. For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves for operation.

The product is for scientific research purposes only, not for clinical diagnosis!