Casing wholesaler and Tubing Coupling Hydraulic 80 Nm Pipes Bucking Machine Torque Turn Unit with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Casing And Tubing CZPT CZPT ulic 80 Nm Pipes Bucking CZPT Torque Turn Unit

 Product description

  I. Main features
The control system of this machine mainly adopt imported PLC as lower computer-based full automatic control, and adopts industrial control computer as upper computer. It is equipped with man-machine interface and computer real-time monitoring system, which can make real-time display of torque, make-up position and history curve and value, accumulate records and save CZPT parameters, search original records and have daily report and monthly report saving and printing functions. At the time of working, after CZPT parameters (such as pipe number, caliber, wall thickness, grade of steel, upper limit of torque, lower limit of torque, position, date, operator number) have been set up according to API standard, oil pipes are automatically delivered into equipment through driven line; after automatically completing make-up work and reaching the preset torque and make-up position, it automatically stop and loosen, then oil pipes automatically exit to driven line; In case of unacceptable quality, the system sends alarm. Therefore, it can provide double guarantee for the make-up quality of oil pipe. Equipped with star clamping mechanism, the main back-up tong is featured by wide clamping range, adjustable speed, high operational efficiency, continent operation and use, without need for replacement of die within the applicable clamping range. Since this series screw-on machine adopts full automatic control, equipment is featured by small abrasion and CZPT performance life. This series screw-on machine is mainly applicable to the flow process of the installation and coupling production line for oil pipe, casing and oil-well pump (can be connected with user’s driven line according to CZPT er requirements)
II. Performance parameters

 Model:  YNJQ-  160/10  200/20  220/30  260/50  310/80  380/100  550/100
 Rated torque: KN.m  10  20  30  50  80  100  100
 Rated revolutions: r/min  6~58  8~50  8~50  10~40  8~30  6~25  3~15
 Drift diameter:  mm  160  200  220  260  310  380  550
 Applicable diameter range: mm  45~156  60~196  73~219  73~256  127~306  139~376  244~548
 Rated pressure of system:  Mpa  16  16  16  20  20 20  20
 Rated flow of system: l/min  75  75  75  135  135  135  135
 Equipment center height: mm  800  980  1050  1110  1125  1250  1350
 Total CZPT of equipment:  Kw  18.5  18.5  18.5  30  30  45  45
 Weight of equipment : Kg  3500  3600  3800  7800  8200  8800  9800